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1. Preparation – Cleaning

It is recommended to use LOCTITE®­ SF 7070™ to degrease and clean surfaces prior to applying threadlocker.

2. Preparation – Activation

If cure speed is too slow due to passive metals (stainless steel, aluminum and plated metals) or low temperature (below 5°C), use LOCTITE® SF 7649™ activator. Allow to dry.

3a. Application – Through Hole

Apply a few drops of liquid threadlocker to the thread engagement area. Assemble nut and tighten to proper torque.

3b. Application – Blind Hole

Apply several drops of liquid threadlocker into lower third of blind hole, as well as a few drops onto male threads, and then install male threads. Tighten to proper torque.

4. Assembly

Assemble and tighten to proper torque requirement. If several bolts are being assembled, torque them down to the correct value within the fixture time window.

5. Disassembly

If disassembly is not possible using normal hand tools, apply localized heat to approximately 500°F/260°C. Disassemble while hot with standard hand tools.


For manual dispensing, the use of LOCTITE® EQ Pro Pump (for 50ml and 250ml bottles) or LOCTITE® Peristaltic Hand Pumps (50ml or 250ml versions) is recommended to ensure a consistent application volume.


For the disassembly of corroded or seized parts, use LOCTITE® LB 8040™ Freeze and Release.


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