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Hướng dẫn sử dụng Loctite 5699

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1. Preparation – Cleaning

Ensure all surfaces are cleaned to remove any residual adhesives, oil and grease. Use LOCTITE® SF 790™ for easier removal of old adhesive residues. LOCTITE® SF 7070™ cleaner is recommended for general surface cleaning and degreasing prior to bonding.

2. Application

Use supplied nozzle and, where appropriate, cut the end to give the desired bead size. Dispense adhesive bead(s) directly onto the surface to be bonded or sealed; parts should be assembled immediately to prevent partial curing and shimming. Prevent the assembled parts from moving during cure. For large areas where both substrates are impermeable to moisture, do not cover the complete bonding area with adhesive – allow some gaps for moisture to penetrate the bond line. Any remaining gaps can be filled once the adhesive has cured.


Hold the nozzle at a 45° angle and pull along the bondline while applying dispense pressure. Test on a piece of scrap to find the appropriate speed that gives the required bead size. After assembling the parts, wipe away product squeezed out of the joint with a gloved finger or a finishing tool. Leave the nozzle on the cartridge after use to act as a sealing cap.

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